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  • Academic Level Certificate
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Civil & Construction
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  • 2014 - Present
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     Compile SHE Files and maintaining the SHE File.  Applying SHE Principles and Procedures.  Basic SHE inspections.  Conduct Toolbox talks / Safety talks with work crew on a daily basis.  Conduct hazard identification and risk assessments, analyse critical tasks and prepare written Safe Work Procedures.  Prepare method statements.  Compile and maintaining of Fall Protection Plan.  Ensure the Contractor work according to the Client’s specifications.  Ensure that all new employees are inducted and have done medical surveillance.  Participate in internal and external SHE audits  Ensure that weekly and monthly statistics are done and recorded.  Promote safety awareness through incentive scheme.  Achieve the LTI and injury/incident frequency rate targets system on site, and to promote safety awareness and create a “Safety first” culture.  Conduct daily site inspections and report writing.  Conduct monthly audits on various sites.  Ensure the site adherence to all SHE related legislation including the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the COID Act, the Environmental Conservation Act and the National Environmental Management Act and necessary by-laws.  Provide SHE advise, guidance and support to the site and monitor compliance with Company Policies, Client Procedures and legislative requirements.  Identify the SHE training needs for the organisation, develop a SHE training matrix and ensure that the training is completed with HR’s assistance.  Advise and consult Management about incidents, preventative and corrective measures.  Submit monthly reports/feedback to the Program Manager on site SHE Surveys, SHE Programmes, SHE Statistics.  Supervise and help organise, equip and train the different specialized groups dealing with SHE, such as Fire team, First Aid team, Hazardous material group and Evacuation team.  Conduct all SHE related administration.  Liaise with clients and suppliers for all job related queries.  Time keeping on site.  Check and sign for deliveries.  Ordering of materials and equipment as per construction manager.  Maintain site administration.




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